Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I made this collage of a young and older Johnny Carson. I picked the young image based on him being about the same age as James Bookhout in the cadet photo from high school.

Now, there's no doubt that that is Carson on both sides of the screen. But, as I look at it, the match between Cadet Bookhout and the older Bookhout is every bit as good, every bit as corresponding.

I am getting in the habit now of blotting out the extension of the nose that was added to the image of Cadet Bookhout. It is ridiculous to think he had a hugely wider nose on one side than the other. And note that I suspect they tried to alter the nose of the older Bookhout as well. But, if we put the nose aside, and we compare the eyes, particularly the spacing of the eyes, the mouth, the chin, and the shape of the face, they match, and match well. There are no deal-breakers, no disconnects. 

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