Tuesday, December 13, 2016

We know who all the doctors were who operated on Oswald. So, if one of them killed him, then it had to be one of these:

1. Dr. Tom Shires, the head of surgery at Parkland Hospital and professor of surgery at Southwestern Medical School. You can watch Dr. Shires describe what happened here. 


You would have to be conspiratorial to the extreme if you are going to suspect Dr. Shires.

2. Dr. Malcolm Perry. Well, you know who Perry is. He's the one who described the wound in JFK's neck as an entrance wound. Why would he do that if he was working for the bad guys and killing Oswald for them? You would have to be conspiratorial to the extreme if you are going to suspect Dr. Perry.

3. Dr. Robert McClellan. Well, you know who he is. He's the guy who described and demonstrated the big blow-out wound in the back of Kennedy's head.

You would have to be conspiratorial to the extreme to think that he killed Oswald.

4. Dr. Ronald Jones. He is another who was also present in both the JFK and LHO operating rooms. Here is an article about him.

And here is a radio interview of him from 2013:

He was getting a haircut when the call came in that he had to rush to the hospital to operate on Oswald. The idea that he proceeded to kill Oswald is preposterous.

5. Dr. M.T. Jenkins was the Chief of Anesthesiology at Parkland Hospital. He was also a professor of anesthesiology, and he developed a technique that is still in use today. And he too operated on both JFK and Oswald. Here he is talking about JFK.

So, what do you think? Do you think he killed Oswald? Because there are no doctors left. 

In the interview I saw of Lifton, he refused to reveal which doctor he thinks killed Oswald, but he says that he is naming him in his upcoming book. But, I think he is completely out of his mind. None of these doctors sought to kill Oswald, and if one of them had sought to kill Oswald, the other four would have known it. He couldn't have bamboozled the others even if he tried. 

The whole theory is completely and totally insane. David Lifton is deranged. Maybe he is getting senile. A Parkland doctor did not kill Oswald. Oswald needed no help dying. By the time they opened him up, most of his blood had already pooled inside his abdomen. The bullet had traversed his spleen, pancreas, aorta, vena cava, right kidney, and liver, and when asked if there was significant damage to those organs, Shires said, "to every one of them." Upon arrival, Oswald had no blood pressure. Zero. He had only agonal breathing, meaning dying gasps. THE VERY IDEA THAT A DOCTOR WOULD THINK HE HAD TO DO SOMETHING TO HELP OSWALD DIE IS RIDICULOUS. He would have seen that Oswald was a dead man, and their efforts were going to be in vain- regardless. There was no need whatsoever to take diabolical action. Nature was going to run its course, and Oswald was going to be dead at the end anyway. That was certain. It was as certain and obvious for Oswald, as it was for JFK.

David Lifton is stupid and delirious. He should have retired from this long ago.  

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