Monday, December 19, 2016

So, why did the claim that Ruby shot Oswald go unchallenged for so long? It was the Russian Maxsim Irkutsk who was first to dispute it.  His video about it went up on Youtube in August 2013, so 50 years after Oswald was killed.

Why did so many people who were disputing the official story of the JFK assassination just obsequiously settle for the official story of the Oswald assassination? Oh, some disputed whether Ruby was a "lone nut" or not, but not whether he did it. They have always accepted the idea that he did it, and we need to look at that because the fact is that the contrary photographic evidence existed all along, from the day it happened. And the contradictions in the story, such as Leavelle saying that he saw and recognized Ruby, and tried to jerk Oswald behind him, and then shoved on Ruby's shoulder, which is all bull shit, were said by him on Day 1.

So, here's why I think people just accepted it:

1) There was the fact that Ruby was not contesting it or denying it. He never actually admitted doing it, and he said he had no memory of doing it. But, he assumed that he did. He wasn't like Oswald who ranted in the hallway, "I emphatically deny these charges!" 

2) They had no other contender. Zilch. But keep in mind that Maxsim came to realize that Ruby didn't do it without having any idea of who it was. They are really two separate issues: whether Ruby did it, and if he didn't do it, then who did.  Two separate issues, although obviously. the second is dependent on the first being false.  

3) Ruby's legal team, including the famed Marvin Belli, never disputed that Ruby shot Oswald. 

4) It was known that, after hearing the case, a jury found Ruby guilty- and condemned him to death. 

5) This one is big: the way the conspirators sewed Ruby into the story, slipping him into the jail office minutes after the shooting in a disheveled state; it was a classic bait and switch.

I presume the idea of this photo is that Ruby is disheveled from the Charge in the Garage, or as I prefer to call it: the Dance of the Penguins. But, the shooter in the garage had his jacket on the whole time he was being manhandled, so it's hard to imagine how his shirt buttons could get ripped off. That is the idea, isn't it? Because if that shirt was deliberately unbuttoned but they left his tie on, then you know it's a costume. This was 2 or 3 minutes after the shooting and right inside the jail office. Ruby was reportedly taken up to the 3rd floor immediately upon being dragged inside. So, what is he doing back down there? He's there because they want people to see him there. Notice his height in comparison to the other men.  And he's not even standing up straight; he's slumping. But still, he is coming across as average height. He's as tall or taller than two other men in the picture. But, what about the Garage Shooter?

6) You had Leavelle, Graves, and other cops saying that they recognized Ruby in the garage, and then there was the reported history that Ruby was very friendly with the Dallas Police, that they frequented his Carousel Club as patrons, with them getting free drinks. Hey, maybe they got free lap dances too. But, these were Dallas policemen and detectives not conniving federal FBI agents or Secret Service agents. They were good ol' local boys, regular joes, so who's not to believe?

7) And finally, there is the matter-of-fact way that the media has always depicted and talked about the Oswald shooting as the work of Jack Ruby. They've talked about it like the sun rising in the East, as being as plainly true as anything that has ever happened. In other words, there has been an attitude of unquestioned, indisputable certainty about this that began right away and only strengthened over time.  

Well, the fact is that Jack Ruby did NOT shoot Oswald. He was framed for doing it, just like Oswald was framed for shooting Kennedy. Oswald and Ruby were both patsies. 

And, they only tried to do this for one reason: because they thought they could get away with it. And I don't mean with the gullible public. I mean with the gullible, impressionable, manageable, moldable Jack Ruby. They never would have done this if he was a normal person. But, they knew he was not normal, that he was unstable, that he was easy to mentally twist. They actually got him to accept that he did something violent and terrible that he did NOT do. And they provided him an MK-ULTRA doctor because he was very much like an MK-ULTRA subject. 

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