Thursday, December 15, 2016

There was another New JFK show done last night, and it was so long that they turned it into two shows.

The first one, #127, featured OIC Chairman Larry Rivera talking about Fidel Castro in the wake of his death. It's very interesting. Did you know, for instance, that Castro was an illegitimate child? His father was a wealthy sugar cane plantation owner in Cuba, and the only reason Castro came into existence is because his father had a love affair with the attractive cook. But, Fidel didn't get to live in the comfortable mansion with his father; he lived in the workers' hovel with his mother. Did this shape his attitude about the treatment of workers? There is also a very striking image of Fidel and his brother Raul and Che Gueverra tying a man to a tree for execution, and Larry gives the details. Here it is: 

Then, in the next segment, which became #128, I took over, and what I mostly talked about is this new theory of David Lifton that Oswald was murdered by the Parkland surgeons. I do not accept this theory. It is not only wrong but preposterously wrong. It's sad that David Lifton would espouse such a wild thing at this late date in his career. The actual fact is that Oswald had a world-class team of surgeons working on him, and we should all be so lucky if it were us in that situation. They did everything in their power to save him. But, the trauma to him was so great, it's a miracle he was still alive at all by the time he got to them. I provide a resume' for each of these great doctors. There were 4 surgeons who worked on Oswald and one anesthesiologist. All but one had previously worked on Kennedy. And the one that didn't, the lead surgeon Dr. Tom Shires, previously worked on Connally. These men were completely legitimate and honorable. It is ludicrous and ridiculous to fault the Parkland doctors in any way.

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