Sunday, January 22, 2017

A loyal reader has made me alert to a new issue: Was the Jack Ruby in the Homicide Bureau on 11/22 really him? He seems to be a lot balder than Jack Ruby was at the time:

This supporter of mine made this collage, not me. Doesn't it seem that on the left Ruby has much more naked scalp showing? He really looks to be bald on top except for a little tuft in front. 

So, did they have a Jack Ruby double? Were there two Jack Rubys the way there were two Oswalds?  If so, then it opens up a whole can of worms because it means that every Jack Ruby sighting- going back years- has to be reevaluated, in light of this, as to whether it was really him or his double. 

I am not making a definitive claim about this at this time. But, I am glad this person contacted me about it, and I am going to start investigating it. 

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