Monday, January 16, 2017

We need to look closely at this FBI statement concerning what Dr. Fred Beiberdorf told them:

I mentioned my dismay that they would leave the clothing raised and the wound exposed. Why would they do that? And if there was no external bleeding from the wound, how could there be blood stains all over the floor? These are supposed to be blood stains:

And, did Dr. Bieberdorf listen to Oswald's heart with a stethoscope? You'd think he would have if he had a steth on him, but that hasn't been established. But odds are great that if he detected no carotid pulse, he would have been satisfied that the heart wasn't beating. 

So, according to these FBI agents, Dr. Bieberdorf instituted cardiac resuscitation without doing pulmonary resuscitation, even though Oswald also wasn't breathing. And they described it as "massaging his sternum." In Medicine, they do speak of "cardiac massage" but what they mean, of course, are chest compressions. This: 

So, did Dr. Bieberdorf do that to Oswald? I don't believe that for a second. If he had done that, lots of observers would have seen it and reported it, and no one did. And what would be the point of doing it unless he also did pulmonary resuscitation? They go together. 

Then, it says that the Bieb continued massaging on the way to the hospital? But how? That is impossible. The Bieb was in the middle seat and Oswald was in the back. So, how could he possibly do it from there? Was he leaning over the seat? But, if the Bieb was going to do that, why wouldn't he have gotten into the back with Oswald and ridden back there to the hospital with him? You want your weight over the patient when you do cardiac compressions.    

And where did he get the oxygen cup resuscitator? He certainly didn't have it on him. Was it in the ambulance? But, if it was in the ambulance, then the ambulance attendants would have been prepared to use it. And it means they would have brought it with them when they went to get Oswald in the jail office. But, they didn't have it with them. We can see that. So, after getting in the ambulance, the Bieb just happened to notice that there was an oxygen cup resuscitator there, so he figured, why not use it, since the guy wasn't breathing? But, he observed that Oswald wasn't breathing in the jail office, so why didn't he start mouth-to-mouth? So, the Bieb was doing this to Oswald in the ambulance?

Then, they said that Oswald was thrashing about, trying to remove the oxygen cup. Oh really? That's quite a recovery. It's an amazing recovery. And then what happened? He sank back into deep unconsciousness? I am not buying any of this.

All of this was claimed by the two FBI Agents, who weren't there but supposedly heard it from Bieberdorf. We need to look very closely at his direct statements and the testimonies of every person who was aboard that ambulance. And we shall.   


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