Tuesday, January 24, 2017

It is 2017, and they are STILL altering photos and pulling photographic scams in regard to the JFK assassination. 

On John McAdams' JFK forum, a guy who goes by claviger is flaunting this:

The man on the left is George HW Bush, but they are trying to convince you that he was the man on the right, some detective. It is quite ridiculous, considering that the man on the right is obviously older than the man on the left. His tie is longer, reaching almost to his belt, whereas Bush's tie is shorter. And look how different the shapes of their heads are. But, they made alterations to Bush to try to help build the case for him being the other guy. 

To prove it, I went to the source, the original Robert Allen photo, which I obtained from Robin Unger's website.

Now, that is how the photo looks, and that is how it has always looked. And then, I cut out the Bush figure so that I could enlarge him and look at him up-close. 

The most glaring difference you notice is that his jacket did not have the contrast shown in the other image. Now, how the jacket really was does NOT matter the least bit because we are only dealing with the single photograph. It's just a matter of how it looks in the photo, and this is how it looks. So, we'll compare that to the other one. But also, notice that the bottom of his tie is squared off, it isn't pointed.

Now, if you think you are seeing a point there, you're not, because if there were a point, it would be in the center, dead center. No one, in good conscious, can say that that tie is pointed. Ties are either squared off or pointed, and there is nothing in-between. So, that one has to be squared off.  

So, on the left is the real photo, and on the right is the scam. Look how they imparted a contrasting, light/dark pattern to the jacket. It really looks plaid, doesn't it? It wasn't. And look how they imparted a distinctive and very clean point to the tie. They cleaned it up good.  Glance your eyes back and forth, back and forth, repeatedly. They did all that to con you into believing that Bush was someone else. That was George HW Bush. He was in Dealey Plaza on Elm Street for the assassination of John F. Kennedy. 

Please share this with everyone you know because, really, it is HISTORIC. It is historic that in 2017 they are STILL altering photos from the JFK assassination. The evil never stops. 

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