Friday, January 20, 2017

So, that settles it; the dressing over the sweater is fake. Nobody claimed to have put it there. No one claimed to have seen it there. And in two of the images, it is on the wrong side of Oswald's body. 

So, if anyone wants to dispute it, they will have to account for it being on the wrong side. And of course, it doesn't look the same way twice; its size and shape look different each time. 

And it lends support to Oswald NOT having been shot in the garage. Because if he had been shot in the garage, why wouldn't they let us see the impact site? Why would they have to cover up the site in both the Jackson photo and the latter photos? Apparently, they didn't shoot him through his sweater when they actually shot him. And whatever they did to it afterwards, they apparently had no confidence in how it looked. They simply did not want people studying it and asking, "Did a bullet really go in there?" 

And recall that when the Jackson photo was released, no explanation was provided that this was not the position when Oswald was shot-even though it was supposedly just .3 sec after.

The spot on his body where the bullet entered Oswald is being covered by his arm in that photo, and "Ruby's" gun is not pointing to it. People assumed from that that Oswald was shot directly in the abdomen, and there were news reports that claimed that. No effort was made to inform that Oswald was shot in the rib cage. What would the real Ruby have done? I presume he would have done what must people would do in that situation, which is, to aim for the center of the person's body. And why was it necessary for "Ruby" to get so close? Couldn't he hit Oswald from a few feet away? Wasn't it risky to get so close? Couldn't Graves have interfered? Of course, Bookhout knew that Graves was not going to interfere. But, why did they do it that way? They did it that way because they were faking it. If Bookhout shot from a distance, then all would have been seen exposed and visible. As it turned out, the NBC cameraman was behind Bookhout such that we can't see a thing.

Fortunately, some of the other films show more from better angles, but apparently, they didn't get the memo that less was better. 

The garage shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald was a fraud. I state that now categorically. It was a spectacle, pure theater, and without professional actors. I wonder if they got help choreographing it. 

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