Saturday, January 28, 2017

This is a picture of Oswald's bloody shirt:

Did I mention that it's bloody? Well, I'm mentioning it again. And that's a lot of blood. How did so much blood get on the right side? But, in any case, if his shirt was that bloody, how could he look like this? 

To me, the most amazing thing about this picture is that his abdomen is so clean. How could there be not one speck of blood on his abdomen when there was all that blood on his shirt? And how could his shirt become like that? Where is the left side of his shirt? If you look closely, his left collar is still intact.

So, since his left collar is still there, it means the left side of his shirt is still there, so where is it?

How can this be an authentic image? How could his shirt behave like that, do what it's doing? Why would it wind up like that? We saw how it was when they put him into the ambulance. Why should it look any different when he is taken out? He was unconscious. And how did this photo get taken? Did they take it now? I don't see a photographer there. 

Did they take it now?

How about now? It can't be because Oswald's arm isn't like that in the other photo. Did they take it now?

That's can't be it because Oswald's arm is still up, and the driver is at the head of the stretcher, which is not true in the other picture.

No, his arm is still up, so that can't be it either. The fact is that as we watch the film, we can't even see the opportunity, the corresponding frame, when this image was taken:

When was this photo taken? How did his shirt get like that? How could his shirt get like that? Why is his abdomen so clean, without a speck of blood? Questions. Questions. And more JFK assassination photographic bull shit.  

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