Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A reader wrote asking about this image. Was Oswald making a fist here?

I am glad he asked about this image because I have been wondering about it myself lately. The man who is holding Oswald's left hand is Detective Charles Dhority. Next to him is Leavelle, and next to him is Graves. I agree that it is very odd that the ambulance driver was holding on to Oswald's arm as he is pushing him. And how could Dhority be holding his hand like that as they are moving? Was Dhority actually maintaining that and progressing with them? I don't see how. It seems totally impractical. 

I know that hand will naturally make a loose fist because of the spring tension in the flexor tendons. Simply put: the fingers naturally tend to curl up. But, I agree that that looks awfully tight.  

And I already pointed out that the dressing over the clothes above the wound is on the wrong side. Oswald was shot in the left rib cage, so why is there a dressing over his right rib cage?

So, what I conclude about this photo is that it's one of those made to order "iconic" photos, much like the Jackson photo, which is full of fakery. And note that we don't see this image in the film, which is also true of the Jackson photo, that we never see it in any film, that is, we don't see the Jackson photo imagery from the perspective of another cameraman. There is just that freeze-frame from the Universal Studio newsreel which settles on a Jackson-like image that is NOT continuous with the running movie. It's just cinched in at the end. It's a trick.

I call this the Jackson lookalike image, and we only see it in the Universal newsreel, but not in the film as it's running; only as a single, solitary, still frame. It's fakery; it's the crafting of an iconic image, and I believe that applies to the one of Oswald's last image, where the dressing is on the wrong side of his body.

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