Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I decided to get the camera out and shoot my hand again. And this time, instead of leaving my hand in a neutral position when I externally rotated it (also known as supination), I instead tried my best to duplicate what Oswald's hand is doing. 

So, I brought the thumb in, and I tried to turn it counterclockwise so that the nail would wind up on top, pointing up, as we see on Oswald. But, we don't have a mechanism to do that. The best I could do is get the nail going outward to the side (and out of view) and the pad of my thumb going inward (and in view). I honestly couldn't do any more to get my thumb to turn counterclockwise to put the nail on top.

That is his thumbnail facing up even though his hand is supinated. I can't do that no matter how hard I try. I don't know how the hell he could have done that. If I take my other hand and grab the thumb and force it over- in other words, just twist the hell out of it with external force- I can kind-of do it. But, to just do it myself with that hand, no, not even close. I can't do it. Others are welcome to try. I encourage them to. 

His thumb could never do that. And notice that he doesn't even have his interphalangeal joint flexed. His thumb is straight. And it's coming off the the first metacarpal bone turned like that? IMPOSSIBLE! It can't be done. 

To my enemies: you either produce a photo of yourself doing that, where it really looks like that, exactly like that, or admit that it is a bogus image. Not doing it amounts to a tacit admission that it is bogus. Comprende? 

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