Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I made a big new discovery tonight, and I doubt anybody noticed it before. I bet nobody noticed it in 53 years. I've been looking at this photo for months, and I didn't notice it until tonight. But, the way I figured it out was by going back to the fact that the white dressing is on the wrong side of Oswald's body. Can you see that it's on Oswald's right side when he was shot on his left side? So, what's the explanation for that? See if you can figure it out. 

It's actually very simple. The explanation is that it's a flipped image. It's a mirror image. Left-to-right-flipped is what it is. And that's why the dressing appears to be on the wrong side. The real photo is this:

 And wahlah, the dressing is on the correct side, his left side. 

How sure am I of this? 1000% sure. How can I be so sure? Because I watched the film. I figured that if this photo is real, then the image has to be there, in some form, in the footage. But no, it isn't. But now, I know why, and I'm going to tell you. Note first that the direction they are going; it is toward us. The man behind Oswald's head is pushing on the stretcher, and the man closest to us is pulling on it; he's walking backwards. So, that's the direction they are going. And they have just entered the building of Parkland Hospital.   

Here is the comparable image from the film. This is as close as we get to it: 

So, there was a throng of cameramen OUTSIDE following the stretcher: from outside. But, the person who took that "iconic" photo was shooting from the other direction. He was shooting from the inside.

So, the still photographer who took this picture was down the hall, on the inside, unlike all the other photographers, who were outside. And the subjects were heading towards him, the photographer, going in his direction. But, how did he get there? He must have been planted there. Who was he? I don't know, but he was unique and privileged to be in that spot.  And, there must have been a plan for him to be there to capture this photo. This was a planned "iconic" photo.  Remember on 9/11, the firemen raised an American flag amid the rubble? That was a planned iconic photo too. 

They must have stopped to take this picture. How could they be moving? If they were moving, they would have run the photographer over. And, notice that Detective Charles Dhority has got Oswald's right hand, while he is also trapped behind Detective James Leavelle. So, if they were moving there, how could Dhority hold on? And what would be the purpose of him doing that? Why wouldn't they just put Oswald's arms down by his side on the stretcher? Isn't that how it's usually done? Isn't that how it's always done? Oswald was a skinny guy, and I'm sure there was room for his arms on the stretcher. There is absolutely no sense and no practicality in what Dhority is doing. It's just theater. It's just a pose for this "iconic" photo. And likewise with the driver, who is the slender young man with the receding hairline. He is not pushing on Oswald's arm. Who would do that? He's just holding Oswald's arm up. They must have told him to do that. Remember the other picture of Oswald with the clenched fist?

It looks defiant, doesn't it? But actually, Oswald was just demonstrating to reporters that he was in handcuffs. That's all it was about. He wasn't making a fist for Communism or anything like that. The fist was incidental. But in this other case, they wanted another image of the fisted, defiant Oswald- showing that even as he was tottering at death's door, he was defiant. 

But, the tight fist we see on Oswald is FAKE.

Many people have taken that tight fist as evidence that Oswald was still very much alive when he arrived at Parkland. After all, it takes energy and blood and circulation and an intact system to make a tight fist. And they have drawn from that that he must have been killed at Parkland. But no, that is a mistake. The tight fist is phony. It's fake. It's an altered image. Can you see that there are two hands there? And the fisted one is in front of the other one. Notice that even the coloring of the phony fisted one is wrong. It's darker than the real one. It is true that the fingers will naturally curl up into a LOOSE fist because of the spring tension in the flexor tendons, and that is probably what was going on there. His real fist is behind, and it was a loose fist; just some curl in the fingers. But, they wanted a tight fist to show Oswald's defiance. So, they made one, and people fell for it.

Have no doubt: Oswald was in dire straits and near death, right there and then. He was not shot at Parkland Hospital, and the valiant Parkland doctors tried their best to save him. I believe he was shot at the DPD. Not in the garage, but in the jail. It certainly was not in the ambulance. That would have been way too hard to control and way too messy and unpredictable. It was done under surgical conditions. They knocked Oswald out- somehow. Maybe they had a hypodermic needle with a sedative in it that they thrust into him. Maybe they had chloroform on a rag. But, after knocking him out, they took him to a room, which must have had soundproofing, and they must have laid him on a table and used a gun like this one with a silencer:

Again, they went about it surgically. And it must have bled at first, but they must have applied pressure to the entry wound until the blood was clotted, and then they cleaned it up, so that it was clean as a whistle. 

But, getting back to this photo...

Just think; they had to stop to do that, to take that staged, propped, posed image- for posterity- at a time when every second counted for Oswald. But of course, they didn't want Oswald to survive. They took that long unnecessary loop to the freeway and then back down Main Street to the police station when all they had to do was exit the Main Street ramp, and they would have been right there. That was all a waste of time the way they went. Who knows how many minutes it wasted.  

This is really DISGUSTING. Yet another altered image in the JFK assassination- the most photographically altered and falsified event of all time- although here, it's the Oswald assassination. 

Look how they played Oswald. Look how they've been playing all of us for 53 years. Nobody noticed this before. It is a very big discovery. But, the evil of it all is really getting to me; I must admit it's breathtaking. It's staggering, just how Machiavellian it was, and is, to this day.   

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