Monday, January 16, 2017

Why I think Oswald was shot inside the Police building

by Ralph C. Cinque

Since the garage shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald was a hoax, where was Oswald actually killed? I've been racking my brain about this for some time, but I can tell you that it is still my considered opinion that he was killed inside the Dallas Police building and not in the ambulance, as others believe. Here are my reasons:

1. The lawyer Michael Schweitzer wrote an article about the Oswald shooting hoax in which he said that the shot that hit Oswald did maximum damage, that plenty of people get shot in the abdomen who remain conscious, can still talk, and who, if they get to surgery quickly, survive. He doubted whether Ruby, under the conditions we saw, could have been so lucky. Well, I would say the same thing about shooting Oswald in the ambulance. It was hardly an ideal setup to make a surgically placed shot. But, if they had a sound-proof room at the PD and used a gun with a silencer, after sedating Oswald, they could have lied him on table and made a very precise shot.

2. If they shot him at the PD, the only ones who had to know were DPD officers and detectives. It was all in-house. But, to shoot him in the ambulance mean that the ambulance driver Michael Hardin, his assistant Harold Wayne Wolfe, and Dr. Fred Bieberdorf would have to know about it. How could they be trusted? And why would they be trusted?

3. We know that every effort was made to get Oswald out of camera-view fast, and there was no camera-view of him being moved into the jail office. And then once inside the jail office, there was no camera-view of Oswald lying on the floor. But, in bringing Oswald to the ambulance from the jail office, he was exposed to the camera again. So, why would they trust Oswald to play dead impressively? He wasn't a professional actor. If they didn't want him seen after he was shot in the garage because he wasn't really shot, then why would they let him be seen going to the ambulance if he wasn't really shot?

4. Shooting Oswald in the moving ambulance would have been very difficult and awkward, and there was always the risk that the shot would be heard and also the risk that someone might see it through the glass. So, if they did it after leaving the DPD, I assume they would have taken Oswald somewhere else, killed him there, and then resumed driving to the hospital. But, there doesn't appear to be enough time for that when they got to the hospital shortly after 11:30. 

5. The young Dr. Bieberdorf did report that he saw Oswald in the jail office with the puncture wound and being close to death, if not already dead. So, if Oswald was actually shot later, it would mean that Bieberdorf was in on the conspiracy. But, why would he be? He was a 4th year medical student, just trying to become a doctor. Why would he lie? So, what he said about Oswald's condition when he first saw him I take at face value. 

6. Somebody with knowledge must have realized that more damage could be done to Oswald if he was shot from left to ride than from front to back. But, Ruby wouldn't have know that or thought about it. Ruby would have just shot Oswald in the center of his body. That's because if you aim for the center, you're less likely to miss. It's like aiming for the center of the bull's eye. But, knowing that lethality meant bursting as many blood vessels as possible, they made the shot from left to right in the upper abdomen. But, there were too many unknowns doing it in a moving vehicle. They needed to do it under controlled conditions, you might say surgical conditions. So, they must have had some kind of operating room set up for him in the police building, and their surgical instrument was a firearm. 

7. There was a tremendous show of force after the shooting, where the Penguins shuffled Bookhout inside, but there were plenty of other officers who remained in the garage to put their arms out and prevent anyone from entering the building. But eventually, when they were ready, they let some reporters and cameramen in. But, for a while, it was a show of force like, "Don't you dare try to enter this building." There were things going on inside, dark things, very dark things. 

Those are the reasons why I think Oswald was shot inside the police building. 

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