Sunday, January 15, 2017

Backass says that the reason the windows look black on Oswald's ambulance is because of highly reflective glass. Maybe. But maybe not. After all, this is the JFK assassination we are talking about, the most photograph and film altered event of all time. So, we need to keep our minds open to the possibility that something was done to the film to help that along so that we are unable to see anything. Here are other ambulances:

Backes incorrectly made this statement:

"You do have to remember that we saw at least two grown men get into the back of the ambulance Dets. Leavelle and Graves.  Also, in the ambulance is Dr. Fred Bieberdorf and Det. Dhority.  Michael Hardin was the driver."

We see Leavelle and Dhority board the ambulance, not Leavelle and Graves. They crawl into the back of the ambulance at the garage. And we see them both crawl out the back of the ambulance at Parkland. Here they are getting in: first Dhority: 

  Then Leavelle:

Then, here is Leavelle getting out at Parkland. Last in, first out, right? 

Graves is already out. This is him. He got out the door, not the hatchback. He was sitting in the middle section. But, we didn't see him get in. 

And now we see Dhority get out, the guy who got in before Leavelle.

That's definitely Dhority getting out the back. Notice the dark tie. Graves wore a highly contrasting tie: light and dark.

So, that settles that, but why did Dr. Frank Bieberdorf lie about it the seating arrangement?

Mr. HUBERT. Any other corrections?
Dr. BIEBERDORF. On page 2, second paragraph, the third sentence which is the last sentence, "He stated the latter two," referring to the ambulance driver and his assistant, "--ambulance driver and his assistant were riding in the front seat, and the two detectives were in a seat immediately behind the front seat, and Detective Leavelle was sitting immediately to his left in the rear of the ambulance." The two detectives, and rather than "sitting in the seat immediately behind the front seat," they were behind---just inside the tailgate of the ambulance, about Oswald's feet, and Officer Leavelle and myself were sitting in the seat directly behind the front seat. 

But, we saw Leavelle get in the back of that ambulance behind Dhority, who got in first. And then we saw them get out of the ambulance the same way, in reverse order, at Parkland. And don't try to tell me that they were playing musical chairs inside that ambulance. It must have been Graves who sat next to Beiberdorf in the middle seat, not Leavelle. And the weird thing is that Beieberdorf got it right in his original statement- that Leavelle was in the back. It was his correction to the Warren Commission that was a lie.

So, why'd the Bieb lie, Backes? Unfortunately, he is dead, so we can't ask him. But, it wouldn't surprise me if they did something to make sure that we can't see into that ambulance and make out anything. I presented it as a possibility, and I continue to do so.  

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