Thursday, January 19, 2017

It seems very weird to me that there was no medical team waiting for Oswald at Parkland, and I mean at the entrance. Didn't someone call Parkland to tell them of Oswald's dire straits and that he was coming? So that they could, you know, get ready? I should think that they would have come rushing out with their own team and stretcher to take possession of Oswald and flight him away. 

Like here for instance:

We presume those are two medical personnel who came out. They weren't in the ambulance.

Here's a victim being placed on a hospital gurney outside. So, she was brought to the hospital and was turned over to hospital staff outside. 

The caption said that the patient was placed on a hospital gurney. 

I've been friends with several ER doctors, and they will tell you that most of what shows up at the ER are not really emergencies. So, I'm not suggesting that every ER patient should be met this way. But obviously, there are some real life-or-death emergencies, and there can be none more dire than Oswald's. 

In Oswald's case, the first hospital personnel we see are these two in white, who happen to be African-American, standing by the door.

But, they don't take possession of Oswald, and they might as well not be there for all that they do. Then after that, what we see is a very long corridor, and presumably, this is the emergency group going down this long dark hall. But, I have seen a lot of Emergency Centers in my day, and they are designed so that you're right there as soon as you go through the door. There is no trapsing through the building to get to the ER. 

So I don't get this. Is this really them? Or is this some time later, where Oswald is already in medical hands, perhaps being taken from the ER to the OR. You see how dark it is. Maybe that's because they didn't want us to recognize that it's a different scene.

Then we get to the police checkpoint in the hallway. 

And then we get to Hardin stripping the sheet from the stretcher.

And that's it. We are done watching Oswald's arrival at Parkland Hospital. But, I have to think that this footage is highly edited, that they're just showing us what they want us to see.

The film has splices in it. For instance, it goes from this:

That's Harold Wolfe on the right in the white shirt proceeding to the back of the ambulance to open the hatch. But then, the next frame is this:

Now, you can see that it still says 21 seconds, so you know it's a fraction of a second. But, I'm telling you that it's instantaneous. It jumps to it, and you can see the flicker. So, that got cut and spliced at that spot. But why? Who knows. But, it's not the only one. 

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