Friday, January 27, 2017

In this image at Parkland, Oswald's sweater is raised, his shirt exposed, as well as his abdomen.

I do not know the source of this image. I do know that there is no comparable image in the film. And it is rather bizarre too because one wonders how such an arrangement of his clothing could have come about. Weren't they going easy on Oswald? Weren't they handling him gently? So, how did he get so disheveled? Shouldn't we be questioning the legitimacy of this image?

Let's recall how he was arranged before being put into the ambulance. 

You can't tell me that that is Oswald's white shirt. For that to be his shirt, his sweater would have had to be pulled up, in which case it would look like it was pulled up. And how could his shirt be tucked into the sidebar of the stretcher? Who would do that? He's unconscious. and why does it look so weird where it meets his sleeve?

That is not even photographic. The photo was altered. But, it is definitely not his shirt, and no one can point to another photo, like the top one, and say, "you see, it must be his shirt." 

And how could even the top one be his shirt?

How do you make a shirt do that? Think about how a shirt fits. How can you get all the material over to one side? You'd have to cut or tear the shirt to make it do that. What are we supposed to believe is happening there? That the rest of the shirt is bunched up under Oswald's sweater? How? Let's see somebody duplicate this image. 

But, in any case, this is NOT Oswald's shirt. Why would somebody lift Oswald's sweater and put his hand on top of his wound? Who would do that to an abdominal gunshot victim? Oswald didn't do it because he is unconscious.  

And this is not Oswald's shirt:

There is no way you can to that shape from a shirt. And how could it be a shirt. He was wearing a collared, button-down shirt and that goes past the midline. So, how could it be his shirt?

And this is not his shirt:

And note that at the DPD, it was the left side of his body where we saw the white, not the right. 

So, what, the sweater was going up and down, sometimes exposing the right, sometimes exposing the left? Is that it? 

This is the JFK assassination we are talking about, the most photographically altered event in the history of Man. STOP thinking that you can make sense of this because you can't. 

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