Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Wizard has informed me that Fred Rheinstein (NBC) had two film takers at the Oswald shooting: Homer Venso shooting the famous live footage, and Steve Alexander shooting the second one, both of which were used in the Universal Newsreel.

What strikes me as weird is that there is a sudden change in zoom in Homer's film. Here it is before the change, and then after. 

Now, you notice that the difference in time says 1 second, from 25 to 26. But, that is deceptive because I guarantee you that the first lasts until the very end of that second, and the second starts at the very beginning of the next second. It's a split-second change, meaning a tenth of a second or less. So obviously, Homer couldn't have done anything manually to change anything that fast. And it could not have been done afterwards either because this is supposed to be live footage. Live as in live. 

Now, I made the above from the Universal Newsreel, but you see the same thing in the Live footage shown on the TODAY Show, with this difference: In the live footage there is a veil shot in-between which they did not include in the Universal Newsreel.

So, the above you don't see in the Universal Newsreel; it just goes from distant to close-up without a veil shot. But, I'd like to know how this happened if it was live. It happens so fast that Homer could not possibly have made an adjustment on the camera in a tiny fraction of a second. Plus, it's highly unlikely that he would try to change anything right during the event. 

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