Saturday, January 21, 2017

We can use the hand of George W. Bush, ironically, the son of JFK assassination operative George HW Bush, to demonstrate the phoniness of Oswald's hand in the Universal Newsreel. 

Note that Mr. Bush was saying the Pledge of Allegiance with his right hand going leftward, whereas Oswald had his left hand going rightward. So, to balance that, I used a mirror image of his hand above.

Notice on Mr. Bush the opposition of his thumb to his fingers. That's natural in everybody. The thumb is not parallel with the fingers; it is meant to work in opposition to the fingers. So, look at the gap and the angularity between his thumb and index finger. Notice also how much shorter his thumb is. But, you don't see that on Oswald. His thumb is too long and too straight, and it is parallel with his index finger, when it shouldn't be. In fact, it looks like his thumb is missing and we're looking at the four fingers of his thumbless hand. But no, that is definitely supposed to be his thumb, and you only have to compare it to the Jackson photo.

So, that's how it looks in the Jackson photo, and you see his humongous thumb. Of course, Oswald didn't have a thumb that big. But, it shows you that it is definitely supposed to be a thumb in the other.

Then, the other problem is the bogus knuckles on Oswald.

Notice that Mr. Bush's thumb-knuckle, or first metacarpal joint, is out of view, as it should be. So, the bump we see in the other is wrong. And the bump below that in the body of the hand is totally and completely wrong. There is no knuckle there whatsoever. 

So, the hand of Oswald in this famous "shame of all America" frame is bogus.

They didn't think anyone would examine the anatomy of that hand the way I did. They thought wrong. 

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