Friday, January 20, 2017

What happens in that Newsreel is that at first you see a running film, and it looks normal, until it gets to here:

Then it goes into blur and flurry, including this blurry frame:

 And then it settles, with finality, on this frame.

But notice that the top and bottom one show the same time of 41 seconds. So, it happens very fast, yet, it is NOT continuous. It is a spliced, diced mess. And there is no more movie after it reaches this frame. Let's look at it close:

So, Leavelle's upper arm is missing. The little forearm and hand of his are fake. Oswald's thumb is too long, too straight, and too parallel with the index finger. Hands aren't built like that. Also, there is an extra knuckle bulge which shouldn't be there. It isn't connected to anything. It's just a bulge without a purpose. This is a fake, falsified image. Somebody did a hell of a lot of work on it. It is not legitimate. 

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