Monday, January 30, 2017

"Dorothy Kilgallen approached one of Jack Ruby's lawyers, Joe Tonahill, seeking an interview.  It was granted. Tonahill, as an observer, later stated that Ruby 'cooperated with her in every way that he could, and told her the truth as he understood it. It was just a very agreeable conversation between them...'  Dorothy Kilgallen never published the Ruby interview, instead saving it for a book she hoped to publish on the Kennedy assassination called, Murder One.  It went into her JFK file, which upon her death would disappear along with her Ruby interview notes."  George Bailey

RC: Considering the timing of it, why would anyone doubt that Dorothy Kilgallen's murder had something to do with her interview of Jack Ruby and what she learned from him? And, it was right after that interview that she said, "In five more days, I am going to bust this case wide open." And then she winds up dead?

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