Sunday, January 15, 2017

I am completely convinced that Oswald was not shot in that garage. That's because of all the trouble they went to concoct the grotesque Jackson photo with its arms akimbo to cover up the area that was supposedly hit. 

No blood, no trauma to Oswald, and no damage to his clothing. Absolutely no visible evidence of a bullet entering his body. It's not even Oswald's hand. How many times do I have to tell you that it's not his thumb? 

And then, the fact that there is no visual of Oswald being carried or dragged (as one guy put it) into the building adds more suspicion. If it quacks like a duck, and this quacks like a fraud. 

Inside the Jail Office there were cameras, but none that show us Oswald. We're informed that is lying on the floor, but we don't get to see him.

We briefly see him when he is rolled out on the stretcher. There appears to be a dressing over his sweater.

Why would someone put a dressing over 3 layers of clothing: his sweater, his shirt, and his t-shirt? Wouldn't you put the dressing right on top of the wound, the skin, and then put the clothing over that? How does it help in any way to have the dressing over the sweater? What is the purpose of that? To keep us from seeing the site of entry? And why would they rest the arm of an abdominal gunshot wound patient over his abdomen? You put pressure on the abdomen and it increases the internal bleeding. Of course, I know why the arm is there; it's to secure the dressing so that it doesn't fall off. But, how did it get there? Oswald couldn't have put it there because he is unconscious. But, the ambulance driver and his assistant should have known better than to do that. Did they not have any medical training at all? But, that's where Oswald's right arm was when they loaded him into the ambulance.

But, now look where it was when they unloaded him at Parkland:

His right arm wasn't pressed to his abdomen any more. How did it get relocated? Oswald could not have done it because he was unconscious. Right? There is also this view which shows a blanket spread over him.

How did that get there? It wasn't on him when they loaded him. So, they put that over him while the ambulance was moving? Who did it? I'll have more to say about this. 

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