Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Look at this collage. On the left, the guy behind Blackie Harrison is said to be Jack Ruby.  But, Blackie was very tall- there was no one taller in that garage. And you can see that the Ruby figure is only a few inches shorter. But, on the right, it's several seconds later, and the scuffle is underway, but look at the disproportion between Blackie and "Ruby" now. They're like George and Lennie from Of Mice and Men

Do you understand that the official story of the Oswald shooting is just as bogus as the official story of the Kennedy shooting? That Jack Ruby, like Lee Harvey Oswald, was just an innocent patsy? The difference was that Ruby was not of right and sound mind whereas Oswald was. There was nothing wrong with Oswald's mind. But, Jack Ruby was confused, befuddled, and often incoherent and flighty. They sent the "Maestro of Mind Control" Dr. Louis Joylan West of UCLA to treat him because Ruby was a victim of mind control. Oswald was NOT under mind control. 

What about your mind? How's it working? Can you, or can you not, see that the "Ruby" on the left was much taller than the "Ruby" on the right? I've got news for you: neither one was Jack Ruby. 

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