Thursday, January 19, 2017

Got 'em!  The dirty mudderpluckers.

Recall that I said that after getting through the door in what correlated to the "iconic" photo scene, it jumps to this long hallway scene which is very dark, and it looks like a group hastening down the long hall. 

 Well, there is a very, very brief split-second when a flash goes off which brightens it. You have to slow it down to catch it, and I did.

So, that wasn't the ambulance team at all. It is unrelated. So, they don't show us what happened after the "iconic" photo was taken. We don't see Oswald reaching the ER. We don't see anything at all about how his medical care was begun. I had a feeling all along that this dark hallway scene was bullshit, and it is. 

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