Saturday, January 21, 2017

This gif is by OIC Chairman Larry Rivera, and it demonstrates how fraudulent and cartoonish the image of motorcycle cop James M. Chaney is in the Moorman photo.

Here is what Larry wrote about it: 

"Besides the too-long nose (like Pinnochio) and sunglasses that look more like heavy goggles, the mouth is different, the chin sticks out more, and the chin strap is ridiculously thin in comparison to Chaney's, which is more than twice as wide (which you can see on the other escort cops as well). The shape of the helmet cannot be overlaid without there being some kind of distortion - it does not fall into place. It is NOT a real image of Chaney. 'Grotesque', is what Brunson called it. It is also possible that Chaney was where the thumbprint is conveniently placed, and the other figure is Jackson.  But regardless, this is alteration to the highest magnitude. I don't trust anything that's in the 'Moorman' photo." 

Larry Rivera

RC: I couldn't agree more. The Moorman photo truly is grotesque. It is an abomination, a photographic monstrosity. And let's remember that that whole right edge of the Moorman photo is grossly aberrant. 

Observe that we can see the rear of the motorcycle with its tool box on Hargis' motorcycle, closest to us. So, how come Chaney's motorcycle has no rear and looks more like a riding lawnmower than a motorcycle? How come Bill Newman's left arm is missing like he's an amputee? How come the whole right edge looks more like a sketch than a photograph? Some have tried to blame this on Mary Moorman failing to apply the fixative to the photo in time, but no, that is not true. It was applied at the appropriate time right there on Elm Street. And no, the thumb print wasn't caused by her or Jim Featherstone putting a thumb to the wet, developing photo. The thumbprint was imparted weeks later by the FBI- by accident of course.

The Moorman photo is a MONSTROSITY, like the Altgens6 photo is a monstrosity, and the Bob Jackson photo of the Oswald shooting is a monstrosity. The JFK assassination (which includes the killing of Oswald) is the most photographically corrupted and falsified event of all time. 

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