Sunday, January 15, 2017

Some fool, I won't mention his name, gloated that the work of John Armstrong concerning the Two Oswalds has been disproven. This is how I responded:

John Armstrong's HARVEY AND LEE has NOT been disproven. There really were two young men living their lives as Lee Harvey Oswald. And the one who was born and raised in New Orleans was NOT the Oswald of fame. He didn't even sound like he was from "Nu Awlins". He didn't say it that way. Compare the accents of LHO and Robert Oswald. The difference is like night and day. And yet they were raised together in the same household? Visit John Armstrong's website: There is a wealth of information there.

And in your mind, go back to the Oswald Family Thanksgiving in 1962. It's on Youtube. Who don't you see in that home movie? You don't see Marguerite. Now, this was a gathering of all her children and grandchildren on Thanksgiving Day, and she wasn't there? We've never been giving an explanation for that. But, I'll tell you why she wasn't there. She wasn't there because John Pic was there. And I dare say that he could recognize his own mother. And the Marguerite of fame was NOT his mother. So, the ruse that LHO and Robert Oswald were pulling, that they were biological brothers, was never going to work with him. And the first thing Pic said upon seeing LHO was that the years had really changed him, that he looked very different. I'll bet he did.

So, don't listen to that idiot. Read John Armtrong. He is one of the most important JFK researchers who ever lived, and there is no understanding the JFK assassination without recognizing that there were two Lee Harvey Oswalds. I offer you this quote from famed JFK researcher Jack White: "Any person of intelligence can see that John Armstrong is right."

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