Sunday, January 29, 2017


I have been following the treatment of Doorman on the New JFK Show, etc. for some time and agree that the first image in the Wiegman is Oswald and that the second (as the camera sweeps back for a second time) is a fake. 


So, the Doorman who is turned and looking down Elm Street towards Kennedy is the real Doorman, and he was Oswald. The other one, who appears to be shorter and is not turned, and is looking straight ahead like he's in a trance, and stiff as a Cigar Store Indian, he's the fake one. He wasn't Oswald. He wasn't Lovelady. He was anyone we know, and he wasn't there. He is a still image, a photographic image, put into the movie. So, obviously, they had to make sure the film didn't linger on him for too long, lest someone dwell on the fact that he's not paying attention to the action, and he is not moving. He is truly like a Cigar Store Indian placed into the moving film. 

And there is no doubt about it. Wiegman did his second pan of the doorway precisely because he heard something or saw something in the doorway, or both. Was it Bill Shelley ordering Oswald to go to the lunch room? Did Oswald put up resistance about it? Is that what the commotion was about? If Weigman was reacting to it from the press car, then others who were in the doorway had to know about it. So, that would mean that Frazier knew, and Lovelady knew, etc.  That guy is definitely not Oswald or Lovelady, and nor is he the same man as the Altgens Doorman.

How could those two possibly be the same man? Look at the shape of the heads. Look at the lay of the shirts. Look at the length of the necks. Look at the gaunt face on the right and the plethoric face on the left. How could they possibly be the same man?

William Weston interviewed journalist Elsie Glaze, who is a man. It took years for Weston to track him down. And the reason he wanted to track him down is because Elsie Glaze did multiple interviews of Bill Shelley in the 1970s.  And according to Elsie Glaze, Shelley admitted that he was briefly arrested after the assassination. Of course, there is no record of it at the Dallas Police Department, but that's hardly a surprise. This was a mishap, a misstep. Remember, not everybody in the Dallas Police Department was in on it. There were a hell of a lot in on the murder of Oswald but not on the murder of Kennedy.  But word must have come down quickly, "Let him go, and do it now. This never happened."  But, were there reports of Shelley squabbling with Oswald in the doorway? Is that what led to his arrest? I'm just speculating, but something had to happen to lead to it. 

But regardless, the 2nd Wiegman Doorman is definitely fake. They put a still photographic image into a motion picture. I kid you not.

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