Monday, January 16, 2017

Here is Oswald's ambulance when it arrived Parkland, and we can't see inside. 

So, why does it look like that? Let's just quote the Idiot:

"The glass is highly reflective. So, sometimes it's hard to capture an image where you can see through the glass." Idiot Backes 

Now, when coming out the Jail Office door, Oswald had his right arm draped over his abdomen, his right hand over the wound, with a dressing placed over his sweater and beneath his right hand. 

His right arm is still in that position when they slide him into the ambulance.

Then when unloading him at Parkland, his right arm and hand are flipped out to the opposite side.

So, how did his arm get moved? Did he move it? I don't see how. If he had his aorta, vena cava, etc. blown out in the garage, how could he do that? Bieberdorf thought that he was dead in the jail office. Certainly if he was shot in the garage, he could not have done that at that time. Too much time had passed. He had no circulation. According to the Bieb, he wasn't even breathing. So, I wonder: did the FBI agents make up the story about resuscitation being given to Oswald to justify what we see here? It's like Oswald had a revival in the ambulance. Were they trying to justify that? Now at this late point, at Parkland, we have no basis to doubt that Oswald has been shot. It could not have happened between here and the ER. 

Then, this is the very last image of Oswald til his autopsy photos. Notice that the dressing is on the wrong side. It's on the right side, and he was shot on the left side. 

And, it's not the only one like that. Here's another, in which Leavelle has his hand on the side of the wound, and the dressing is on the other side. 

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