Saturday, January 28, 2017

brian pete1969 

Jan 27 (14 hours ago)

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You're talking in circles now. I thought you said the entire shooting was
fake? If the shooting was fake, then any wound would be fake. Fake wounds
take fake dressings.

You've totally lost touch with reality. It shows in every one of your

Ralph Cinque: I said the garage shooting was fake. I never said Oswald wasn't shot. Of course, he was shot. Didn't you listen to Dr. Shires? We don't doubt him, do we?

Oswald was shot in the PD. Not in the ambulance, but in the PD. So, all the images of him on a stretcher, both at the PD and at Parkland are real. He really was shot at the time. And I have made this abundantly clear for months now. The one who is out of touch with reality is YOU. 

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