Monday, January 23, 2017

Why would Leavelle need to put his hand inside Oswald's pants? To keep him from running away? Ridiculous. Oswald was handcuffed to him. And even if he wasn't, it's ridiculous. Did he do it to protect Oswald? But, it didn't protect him, and there is no reason to think it would. No other police officer in the entire history of law enforcement has ever done that. So, why is anyone comfortable with the idea of Leavelle doing it?

And look at Leavelle in the Jackson photo. The only finger we see of his is his thumb. All his other fingers are knuckles-deep inside Oswald's pants.

It almost looks like he's got his hand in Oswald's pocket, but there's no pocket there. And how could he do what he appears to be doing when Oswald had a sweater on? How could he bury four fingers deep into the pants with the sweater there? Think about how hard he would have to dig to get past the sweater. And if he had to hold on to Oswald, why didn't he just slip a finger or two through one of his belt loops, which were on the outside? Even that would have been uncomfortable for Oswald, but it would have been better than this. The idea that Oswald "walked his last mile" this way and without reacting to it is ridiculous. 

And, as I told you, the whole line of Leavelle's sleeve is wrong. The indentation or recess would occur wherever his elbow was, and in this case, it's too high.

It's too high. How could his upper arm be so short and his forearm so long?

And how could he be doing what he appears to be doing? All the elbow joint can do is bend like a hinge. It opens and closes. That's it. The next movement doesn't occur until you get to the wrist. So on me, you notice that even though my elbow is bent, the lines of my arm and forearm are continuous. But in Leavelle's case, the short line of his arm is going down, but the line of his forearm is going diagonally out towards Oswald. That is impossible. 

So, that's two arms in the Jackson photo that are fake, but what about Oswald's other arm? Take a look at something:

I want you to notice how Oswald's nail is down on his middle finger while the pad of that finger is up. What that means is that his hand was externally rotated, which puts the palm of your hand up and the dorsal side down. But, it affects the thumb as well, as you can see on me.

So, you can see that my nails are down and my finger pads are up, as on Oswald. My hand is externally rotated, meaning away from the midline of my body. But, what is my thumb doing? My thumb gets thrown out, and we're seeing the pad of the thumb and not the nail. But, look at Oswald's thumb:

His nail is up and his pad is down. But, how could he do that?

I don't see how his hand could do that. With his hand externally rotated, his thumb should have been thrown out the other way, as on me. This is yet another freak hand that defies human anatomy and biomechanics. I defy any of my enemies to get a camera out and produce a picture that matches that freak hand. In fact, even without a camera, hold your hand up right now, and rotate it outward so that your palm is facing up. What does your thumb do? 

This is more proof that the Jackson photo is a MONSTROSITY. It is an abomination. It was altered alright; altered by idiots. Again: I dare anyone to try to reproduce this.  

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