Monday, January 16, 2017

So, our last hope are the three detectives. So what did they say about the ambulance ride?

First, Leavelle. He didn't say anything about it. Not a word. He barely addressed the Oswald shooting, never mind the ambulance ride. He mostly talked about how they safely transferred Ruby to the County Jail the next day, as if that mattered. There is simply nothing in his testimony about the ambulance ride.

Let's go to L.C. Graves:

Mr. GRIFFIN. Then what did you do?
Mr. GRAVES. Well, they put him in the ambulance and I got in the ambulance with him and went to Parkland Hospital and got off there and took him right into emergency and worked with him a few minutes. And got him prepared for the operating room, and, so, we caught the elevator with him and with the doctors and nurses and went on up to the second floor, and I changed into one of those scrub uniforms and crepe-soled shoes and went over to the door of the operating room, where I stayed until such time as he was pronounced dead.

That doesn't tell us anything about the ambulance ride either. 

Let's try Dhority:

Mr. DHORITY. The only other thing that I had to do with that that we didn't go into--now, I rode in the ambulance with Oswald to the hospital.
Mr. BALL. Did he say anything?
Mr. DHORITY. Well, I held his pulse all the way out there. It was very, very weak all the way and as we was turning into the hospital, the only time he showed any signs of life and he started a muscle reaction then----
Mr. BALL. He was unconscious, was he?
Mr. DHORITY. He was unconscious all the time, and when he went into the operating room, Detective Graves went in with him there and Captain Fritz left and told me to arrange for the security of Oswald in the hospital.

So, that's it. Nothing else. He said nothing about anybody applying any resuscitative efforts to Oswald. He said nothing about the Bieb using an oxygen bulb on Oswald. It's more evidence that that is a totally bogus claim. 

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