Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I just thought of something funny. Let's laugh!

Here's the Jackson lookalike frame and the Jackson photo. Notice how similar their perspectives are.

So, the angle, the perspective are about the same, right? So that means the filmer had to be very, very close to Jackson, right? As in right on top of him?

But how? Jackson said that he had his left foot up on the bumper of the car. And considering our leftward he was, it's hard to imagine anyone being more leftward. And to the right of him was Jack Beers. This is by Robin Unger, which I endorse:

So, you see the car, and Jackson said he had his left foot up on the bumper of the car. Nobody was to the left of him, and even in the displays that Gary Mack made, no one was to left of him. And Beers, who caught a more open and inclusive view of the cubbyhole, had to be to the right of him- closer to the center. So, where was the cameraman who took the Jackson lookalike frame? He had to be, essentially, in the same spot that Jackson was in order to capture the same view. So, how come Jackson never talked about some other cameraman breathing down his neck? We would know about that guy, if he was there. But, there was no one there. The Jackson lookalike frame is just a rendering of the Jackson photo that was tweaked and rendered to look like a film frame.  It's fake, fake, fake!

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