Thursday, January 19, 2017

So, as this point in time, I have to designate these two images as being matches to each other and shot from opposite directions: the top one from the outside, and the bottom one from the inside. 

But, that means that the bottom one is NOT flipped, which means that the dressing is on the wrong side because it was. 

Isn't it weird that Harold Wayne Wolfe just disappeared? How did he get pulled off the job? Did someone tap him on the shoulder and say, you're out? I just don't get that. 

But, is there any other possibility to explain that errant dressing? Well, what if there was no dressing? What if the idea for a dressing occurred to them afterwards? From what we can tell, Hardin and Wolfe did not enter the Jail Office with a dressing. There's a blanket on the stretcher over the sheet, but that's all we see. So, did someone in the DPD put the dressing over the sweater? But, who would have done that? Dr. Bieberdorf didn't do it. He said that when he saw it that someone had pulled the clothes up and exposed the wound. If he put a dressing over the puncture hole in the sweater, wouldn't he have said so? And, it's hard for me to imagine that any of those cops who dumped Oswald on the floor would have done it. And none of them claimed to do it. So, where did the dressing come from?

Let's look at it up close:

Hmmm. I have to wonder if that arm and hand are fake. Look how weird it looks at the end of his sleeve. That junction of the sleeve and his wrist does not look right. How could it be so squared off? 

Look at him in his casket.

Notice the junction of the sleeve and his hand looks natural, unlike the other, which doesn't look natural or photographic. 

So, I think we need to consider that that whole effect of the dressing and Oswald's hand on top of it is fakery that they added.

Let's look at it in the KRLD footage.

Well, I looked it, and I don't see a dressing on Oswald. You can look for it yourself. Here's the link. It starts at 18 minutes and 29 seconds.

In this frame, Wolfe is picking up Oswald's left arm which was dragging on the floor. 

It's a very weird frame too, and no, I don't blame Youtube because they're not all like this on Youtube. But, Oswald's body looks like a flat long rectangle, totally without the shape and dimensions of a normal body. So, who knows what they did here.

Let's look for it in the footage at Parkland.

We don't have any good view of it. But, there is certainly no suggestion of a dressing here.

I am going to start operating under the assumption that there was no dressing, that it's just photographic fluff added to certain photos.  And the explanation for it being on the wrong side in the "iconic" photo is: sheer stupidity. They put it in without dwelling on the left or right issue. They just didn't think about it.
I also found this very similar image:

Now, the dressing looks triangular shaped; still on the wrong side of his body. Yes, the fisted fingers are phony. You can see that it's an overlay. Look towards the back of his hand. 

By the way, notice that the guy closest to us is wearing glasses.

Are they sunglasses?

If they are sunglasses, then I think we have to assume that he is a SS agent or FBI agent and not a hospital administrator. 

Anyway, this is a learning curve situation, and at this juncture, I am going on the assumption that the dressing was faked, photographically faked, and that they faked it on the wrong side in the iconic photo, out of sheer stupidity.

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