Monday, January 16, 2017

"You can clearly see the attendant in the front passenger side, Harold Wayne Wolfe is leaning over the back of his own seat to attend to Oswald."

So, says the Idiot Backes. But, here is the image he is talking about. And, it's not a "shit freeze frame" from Youtube. It's from the DVD The Lost JFK Tapes: 

He's reaching into the middle seat, but Oswald was in the back compartment. So, how could he be tending to Oswald? 

This was a station wagon. It had a front seat, a back seat, and then a rear compartment for the stretcher. How could that guy possibly tend to Oswald in back from the front seat? And why would anyone looking at that claim such a thing? 

And, I never said there were guns in those stacks of boxes at the TSBD. What did I tell you about misrepresenting my positions? 

And there is no comparison between James Bookhout pretending to be Jack Ruby for less than one minute and two young men who were both living their lives as Lee Harvey Oswald. I never said there were two Jack Rubys. There was only one Jack Ruby. But, James Bookhout pretended to be him for a very short period of time on that one day. Again: there is no comparison between the two. James Bookhout was very briefly impersonating Jack Ruby; but, he was not another Jack Ruby. He was not living as Jack Ruby. But, both Lee and Harvey were living as Lee Harvey Oswald, both going to school as Lee Harvey Oswald, both serving in the military as Lee Harvey Oswald, both working jobs as Lee Harvey Oswald, etc. 

There is no comparison or correlation between my saying that Bookhout shot Oswald and John Armstrong's discovery of the Two Oswalds, you blithering idiot. 

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