Sunday, January 22, 2017

Paul Insana In that segment of that video she did not say she spoke to Oswald about the backyard photo. She repeated what Lee said about the photo.. "thats not me!" The picture is fake..
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Ralph Cinque Paul, that is not valid. The clear implication is that he said it to her. Here's what she said: "He said: 'They pasted my picture; that's not me.' And I said, I know about...he was good at photography...." So, he said something, and then she said something in reply, which indicates a conversation. Furthermore, Oswald would not have put it that way to police. He, presumably, would have said "they" to Judyth because he knew that she knew who "they" were. But, to police, he would have said, "Someone pasted my picture." And this account is very consistent with her other accounts of other conversations she had with Oswald.

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