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The 1978 movie Ruby and Oswald is actually worth watching, and I'll give you the link:


It's worth watching because it tells the official story, but there's a difference between reading it and watching it. Watching it really puts the plausibility to the test. 

The title is misleading because it actually covers everything- the whole official story. And it makes the characterizations vivid. For instance, Ruby is this explosive hothead who gets into fights easily and adores his dogs like they're his children, and Oswald has a chip on his shoulder as big as a Cadillac. (That's a line from The Fabulous Baker Boys, one of my favorite movies.) 

When Lee asks Frazier for a ride home that Thursday, Frazier asks him why, and Lee flat-out says, "to get curtain rods for my place in Dallas." There is no explanation as to why he would go THERE for THAT. Don't all men store curtain rods in other people's garages? And in this case, they were Ruth Paine's curtain rods, so he was essentially going there to steal curtain rods. I get it that he was supposedly lying about the curtain rods. But, if he was telling this lie to pave the way for the large package he was going to have the next morning, why bother? Who would conflate a disassembled rifle with curtain rods? Why not just say, "I miss my kids" ? It's not as though Frazier was going to give him a hard time. 

And then when he gets to Irving, it's immediately hostile between him and Marina. She shows no warmth for him at all. And when she asks him why he came there, he gives an entirely different reason: he went there to convince her that it was time for her and the kids to start living with him in Dallas. So, they start arguing about it. But, why would he argue with her about that if he knew he was going to be shooting Kennedy the next day? Nobody has ever suggested that Oswald expected to shoot Kennedy and then go on with his life. David Belin, the Assistant Counsel to the Warren Commission, claimed to know that Oswald was going to flee to Mexico. Well, if he was going to flee to Mexico, then Marina and the kids would not be living with him in Dallas. So, why would he argue with her about it? Again: why bother?

They made Ruth Paine an older woman, older than 32. And they did away with her tallness. I wonder why. How hard would it have been to cast a Ruth Paine lookalike?  

Then, they did something weird: On the Friday morning, he's leaving for work, and Marina is still in bed sleeping. He opens his wallet and takes out all the cash and puts it in his pocket. He leaves behind his wedding ring and the empty wallet. But, that's not the official story. The official story has it that he left behind most of the cash. So, why did they change it?

Here he is the next morning with the rifle in the bag.

Personally, I think they made a big mistake writing the official story that way, that he made a bag. I think it would have been more plausible if they said he just grabbed a wad of paper. Why take the time to make a bag at the TSBD when someone could have seen him do it? Of course, no one did. This supposedly took place in the shipping room on the first floor, but when you look at a plat of the 1st floor, you don't even see a shipping room there.

 And when first asked about it, Troy West, the one and only shipper, who described himself as a "mailer" said he worked in another building. But, if you imagine that there was a shipping room there, why would Oswald expect to be able to construct a bag unnoticed? And notice that this does not even look like a bag:

They should have just said that he snatched some paper when no one was looking and then wrapped the rifle in it. That would have been more plausible. But then again, not everybody is a good screenwriter. 

Then, they did something that is not part of the official script: they had Oswald and Frazier undergo another discussion about the curtain rods. And by the way, they did NOT stick to Frazier's 2 foot limit.

And for some reason, Oswald put it more on Frazier's side of the car. But, in real life, Frazier never said they exchanged more words about the curtain rods. He never said that he made a comment about it or that Oswald offered one. 

Now, why would Oswald expect to get away with a lie like this? He was going to shoot Kennedy and just leave the paper bag there, right? So, he knew that they were going to find the paper bag, right? And he had to know that they were going to question all the employees about it, and that Frazier would talk. Right? So, how did he ever expect to get away with this? 

And then, they had Frazier ask Oswald what's in the package again, as if he forgot all about their conversation the day before. And Lee responded with "curtain rods" as if he never said it before either. So, I guess it was a case of double amnesia. 

When they arrive at the TSBD, they don't have Oswald tuck the rifle into his armpit, as Frazier claimed. He just carries it the way he did before and as you would expect. But keep in mind that Frazier has demonstrated what he claimed to see, with the hand cupped below and his arm straight. But, who would carry a rifle that way? Then, Oswald says he's going to buy his lunch that day.

Then, they enact the bogus Charles Givens claim about going back up to the 6th floor after the lunch break began, to get his cigarettes, and seeing Oswald up there alone. He tells Oswald that it's almost lunch time. Now, when everyone had already broken for lunch, why would he say "almost"? And Oswald asks him to send the elevator back up, which actually happened earlier, when I believe Oswald was on the 5th floor. They do not show any signs of floor-building on the 6th floor. 

They show real footage of the motorcade, including the Nix film, and then they settle on the Moorman photo to depict the shooting.

They never show Oswald in the Sniper's Nest or in the window or shooting the rifle. Now, why would they leave that out? That was the most dramatic thing, wasn't it? 

Then, it's the Truly/Baker encounter with Oswald, and they show Oswald getting a Coke at the time Baker barges into the lunch room. But, Baker denied that Oswald was doing that, and so did Truly. One thing they did do was show Oswald totally unruffled, not sweaty, not breathless, not rattled in any way, even though he supposedly ran down 5 flights of stairs after shooting a man. It's an impossible degree of poise. 

I want you to notice his shirt sprawl, and in reality, it was much larger than that. All of his shirt buttons were missing except the bottom two. So, the shirt sprawl looked like it did in the doorway.

So, why weren't they honest about that? I think it was because Lovelady never depicted his shirt sprawl that big.

Quite a difference, eh?

The truth is that the Doorway Man has always been the most powerful piece of evidence in the JFK assassination. 

I shall continue. 


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