Wednesday, January 18, 2017

We need to follow Oswald's stretcher from the ambulance into the hospital because his pallbearers, for lack of a better term, change.

It starts with the ambulance driver Michael Hardin and his assistant Harold Wolfe. Hardin wore a very light jacket that was more like a sweater. Wolfe wore a white shirt and no jacket. Here they are at the PD moving Oswald's stretcher.

So, that gives you an idea of who they are. Now, let's go to Parkland where they are unloading Oswald from the ambulance.

So, that is Wolfe in the white shirt at the foot end and Hardin in the light jacket at the head end. And between them are all three detectives: Leavelle, Dhority, and Graves.

So, that's Wolfe, and we don't see Hardin too well, but that's probably him with the receding hairline. But now, there is a third player: the guy in the sunglasses opposite to Wolfe. He is going to play a more prominent role as Wolfe fades away.

Note that Wolfe is gone, and we NEVER see him again in the footage. He is gone like the wind. So, who is this guy in the sunglasses? And notice that this is yet another flipped image. Can you see that the dressing is on the right side again, his right side? I'll unflip it:

This, above, is also uncropped, and you'll notice that there was a uniformed cop waiting on the inside. He is going to close the door and keep the throng out after Oswald's stretcher is in. But then, we get to this image, the iconic image:

So, who is the guy in the foreground? He's not Wolfe, and he doesn't appear to be the guy in sunglasses either. He is a new guy, but who is he? 

So, we have the phony fist on Oswald, and we have Hardin holding it up, displaying it to the world. And once that picture is taken:

The cop turns away the throng outside and closes the door.

He gets help from some other guy. The doors get closed.

We don't see Oswald again after that. The procession gets very dark.

There is no excuse for that. I suppose they didn't want us to see.

Then, they show us that there was a police checkpoint set up in the hallway. Here we see the cop letting Fritz pass by.

And then, it gets to Hardin leaving- alone. We never see Wolfe again.

And that's it. So, what we're left asking is: What happened to Wolfe? Who was the guy in the sunglasses? And who was the man bending over Oswald's stretcher with his back to us in the iconic photo?

And what is Leavelle holding in his hands? He's got something wrapped around his fingers. 

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