Sunday, January 29, 2017

Wizard, I can't tell you how pleased I am to hear you raise the possibility of a still image of Jack Ruby being pasted into that film, and it's not because I have considered it yet or formed an opinion about it. But, for years now, going back to 2012, I have been asserting that the second Doorman in the Dave Wiegman film is not Oswald, not Lovelady, and not even there, that he is a still image put into the film.

The truth is that the first Wiegman Doorman is Oswald. We see him for about 1 second at the start. But, Wiegman was riding in the press car as he was shooting, and once the car completed the turn onto Elm, he pointed his camera in the direction of the action on Elm Street, and we lose sight of the doorway. But then, for some reason, he decided to do a second pan of the doorway, where he rotated around to his right and captured the doorway a second time. Why did he do that? He must have heard something, a commotion, and/or he must have seen some commotion, a flurry, in the corner of his eye. But, when he got there, Oswald was gone.  He left for the 2nd floor lunch room, using the stairs right there in the southeast corner.  So, there was no Doorman any more. So, they put one in. I don't know who he is except that he was round-faced and bald. And since he's just a still photo and this is a movie, they had to make it quick, lest the ruse be obvious. So, they removed frames. And there is no doubt about it because Physics tells us that in order for Dave Wiegman to reverse direction and turn himself and the camera back towards Elm, he had to come to a complete stop: a velocity of zero. And then he would have had to start accelerating again from zero. And that deceleration to zero followed by an acceleration from zero would have resulted in a holding pattern right there where the phony Doorman is.  Yet, instead it's a whipsaw at a speed so fast it was physically impossible. Anyway, here he is, the false, fake Doorman, a still image inserted into a movie.  Ralph 

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