Sunday, January 15, 2017

Joseph Backes is an IDIOT who thinks that the Dallas Police, on the afternoon of November 22, concocted a phony bus and cab ride for Oswald, replete with a bogus bus driver, a bogus cab driver, and a completely fictitious witness, Mary Bledsoe, who showed up at her Warren Commission hearing with her completely fictitious lawyer. That's the degree of stupidity that we're looking at here.

Now, let's look at that ambulance ride. We know that there were lies told about who sat where in the ambulance. We know that the ambulance took an insane route for an ambulance with a dying man in it, essentially making a complete circle by going down Commerce to the freeway and then up the freeway two exits, and then back down Main to Harwood- which is where they started from. 

We know they lied about who shot Oswald in the garage. We know that it looks highly likely that the entire shooting was a hoax- which is an idea that has received wide support and long before I came along. And that means that Oswald had to have been shot either in the police station OR after the ambulance left for the hospital. 

And of those two choices, the one that is by far more popular is that he was shot after the ambulance left for the hospital. Many people have raised that possibility. As far as I know, I am only person to suggest the possibility that he was shot inside the police station.

So, since many people before me have suspected foul play during that ambulance ride, it is not inappropriate to consider that the fact that we do not have an image inside the ambulance except for the occupants of the front seat, the driver and his assistant, that maybe that was not an accident, that maybe they made sure that we are not able to see anything through the glass.

And I never implied that it was a physical object. I meant all along that that it was a photographic trick or scam, just as there are so many photographic tricks and scams in the JFK assassination. This would just be one more in a long list. And I don't assume for one minute that the list is complete. The JFK assassination is the most photographic and film altered event of all time. 

The only thing we get to see is the driver and the other attendant. Other than them, we get NO information at all.

I'm saying: maybe it's not an accident. 

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