Thursday, January 26, 2017

I had an exchange with someone with a bad attitude who resorted to this kind of argument: 

"It's too late. It's been 53 years, over half a century, and nobody cares any more. Not even the Kennedy family wants to get involved. They don't want to rock the boat. They accept the JFK assassination story the way it is. They're not looking to make any changes. So who are you make a big stink? There are all kinds of wrongs going back in history- and that's what this is now. And you can't fix or undo any of them. So, it doesn't matter any more. It was Dulles? It was LBJ? Even if you're right, it doesn't matter. Nobody gives a shit."

There's an element of truth in what he said. I don't say he is completely full of it. And I agree with him about the Kennedys. If they were going to do anything, surely they would have done it by now. And I have to wonder if young Kennedys at an early age are taught that "we don't get involved in conspiracy theories." The only one who dabbled with conspiracies was JFK Jr., and you know what happened to him.  

But, the notion that it's too late because of the passage of time- over half a century- is ridiculous. Again, I am going to point out what happened in Russia, that when the Soviet Union collapsed after 75 years, that immediately the state lie about what happened to the Romanovs (Nicholas and Alexandra and their children) collapsed, and the truth went public that the Bolsheviks killed them, gunning them down in cold blood at close range in a cellar, including their young children. Now think about it: imagine that instead of 75 years, it had taken 100 years for the Soviet Union to collapse. Don't you think the same thing would have happened? So, 75 is a larger number than 53, but even 75 is no ceiling. I don't think there is any time pressure on the JFK truth movement at all.

And this is one of those situations in which it's a matter of choosing whether to see the glass as half-full or half-empty. It's true that there are millions upon millions of people who never give a moment's thought to the JFK assassination. But yet, compared to other assassinations, including the other 1960s assassinations, the JFK assassination still garners quite a lot of interest. And compared to other historical controversies, it still generates a tremendous amount of interest. More people talk about the JFK assassination than, say, the dropping of nuclear bombs on Japan. In fact, the only historical controversy that generates more interest than the JFK assassination, in my opinion, are the 9/11 attacks. And that makes sense because they were more recent and more people alive today were alive in 2001 than were alive in 1963. 

So, on the contrary, the lasting interest in the JFK assassination is quite a marvel. Many people predicted that after the 50th anniversary that interest in it would die down, but that certainly hasn't happened on social media. 

My attitude is that when you think about how evil the crime was, and the crimes that followed, and I mean directly from it, and how evil the cover-up was, and is, that the JFK assassination is like a microcosm of everything that is systemically wrong with the whole damn rotten system in which we live. And if the truth about the JFK assassination ever burst forward, decimating the official story into a thousand pieces, like JFK wanted to do to the CIA, then all kinds of reforms would flow from it. And the fact is that with Oswald in the doorway, we have our hands around the neck of the official story, and it would be foolish to let go or let up until it's dead. That's what motivates me, and I know that's what motivates Larry Rivera. I am going to ask the Wizard what motivates him. There are a lot of people who care, and we care because it matters.  

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