Friday, January 20, 2017

So, there is no medical sense in applying a dressing to a wound by putting it over three layers of clothing. Oswald was wearing a shirt, a sweater, and presumably, a t-shirt. To attempt to dress the wound by putting something over the sweater is ridiculous. 

So, why did they do that? And I don't mean put a dressing on but make it look like they put a dressing on. And you don't have to be the Surgeon General to know that you don't apply pressure to abdominal wounds. Here's more help from the Army Study Guide:

Do not apply pressure to the wound or other exposed internal parts

So, the dressing is ridiculous, and the pressure of Oswald's arm on his abdomen, when he is bleeding inside, is extremely misguided. I should think even the Bieb knew that, being a 4th year medical student. Who would be stupid enough to apply a dressing to Oswald's clothes and then use his arm as a weight to hold it there?

But, I think it's fake. Look at it up close.

I have already pointed to the ridiculously squared off junction between the white and black. And what exactly is that supposed to be? It seems like the squared-off dressing is draped over his hand because that is not his wrist we're seeing where his sleeve ends. Look: it's just more fake shit. This was the JFK assassination, with the Oswald assassination being an extension of it. And this kind of shit is rampant throughout it. It's the most photographically altered event of all time. And notice that we are not seeing his upper arm. In that position, his whole upper arm should be distinct. but, I suspect that it is lying by his side on the stretcher. 

But, the main thing I want to discuss is why they would do this. Why would they be bent on putting a ridiculous dressing over Oswald's sweater?

Well if Bookhout shot a blank, then it would not have made a hole in the sweater, but the expulsion of hot gases could still have singed the sweater- when you consider that it was essentially a contact shot. I think they decided that they did not want to expose the area of impact under any circumstances. 

Now remember, I think that Oswald was shot inside the PD, and I think it was done with surgical precision. I have no reason whatsoever to think that they shot him through clothing. They knew exactly where they wanted to put that bullet to go, but how could they do it through clothing? It's just guesswork through clothing. So, I figure they shot him directly against his skin, and then they damaged his clothing appropriately. But, they didn't want to make the results available for someone to examine under a spotlight. They wanted to turn it into a black box. So, the way to do that was to cover it.

In a way, it was like the Jackson photo. In Jackson, they had arms and hands covering up the supposed area of impact and with a wide margin of safety. In this case, they used a fictitious wound dressing over the sweater to accomplish the same thing.

 And anyone who begs to differ can start by finding another instance, in the entire history of Medicine, in which a wound dressing was applied through three layers of clothing. 

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