Wednesday, January 18, 2017

So, they flipped this photo, and they just didn't notice that the dressing was on the wrong side.

When you're pulling a scam as big as the JFK and Oswald assassinations were, it's hard to keep track of everything. Stuff is going to fall through the cracks. And this fell through the cracks. You have to realize the degree of arrogance that these people had was incredible. It's like they were on a cocaine high- and perhaps some of them were, and I wouldn't be surprised. 

You see Michael Hardin the ambulance driver holding up Oswald's arm. That was just for the picture. He was not pushing the carriage along using Oswald's arm as a contact. And, he told an untruth to the Warren Commission.

Mr. HUBERT. And you got to the jail 3 minutes after you got the call, approximately, right? 
Mr. HARDIN. Yes, sir. Well, from the time we got the call until we got to the jail, and--let's see, in 2 minutes, because we actually received the call at 11:21 and the call from the dispatcher to us at 11:22. 

From the time of the shot until the ambulance pulled in was over 4 minutes. You only have to watch the KRLD footage to tell. Here's the frame of "Ruby" shooting Oswald.

So, the time says 13:07. Here's the frame of Hardin pulling in.

That comes to slightly more than 4 and 1/2 minutes. Now, keep in mind that it may have been longer if the film was edited, but it could not have been shorter. 

But, getting back to this "iconic" photo, let's look at it again unflipped:

 It's very clear to me that they were stationary there- for the picture. First, no one would move backwards to progress a stretcher. You would turn around and look where you're going.

Second, no one would push on the traumatized patient's arm to advance the stretcher. 

And imagine if you were the ambulance driver and you were trying to deliver the patient and some cop was holding onto his hand the way Dhority is there. Wouldn't you say something to him, such as: "Do you want to put his arm down? You're not helping him, and you're not helping me." This was just a posed shot, a still picture, an attempt to make an iconic image and at Oswald's expense. They were delaying him getting that first transfusion. And look at Hardin's face.

He looks pretty stressed, a lot more so than Graves or Leavelle or Dhority.

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