Friday, January 27, 2017

This is a paradox: I mentioned yesterday that I am no longer going to use the images of Jack Ruby at the Homicide Bureau because we just can't be sure it's him. For one thing, he looks to be balder than Jack Ruby.

Doesn't he look balder on the left? And you can't blame that on the photography or the camera angle or anything else.  That is a HUGE difference in hair coverage. That is a lot more naked scalp on the left. 

But, here's the paradox: even though I have forfeited that image to prove that Ruby was not the Garage Shooter, the very idea that there was a Jack Ruby double at the DPD on November 22 is just as incriminating. In fact, it is more incriminating. The one and only purpose to having a double is to falsely incriminate someone. So, if they had a double of Jack Ruby at the DPD on November 22, then they were already seeking to incriminate him, in advance of the Oswald shooting, and it means that Ruby was a mark, a target, and he was set up. So, look at the collage again very closely. And while you're at it, compare the noses. If you can see that that guy wasn't Ruby, then it should set off alarms in your head and make you realize that what happened on Sunday was a planned spectacle, and Ruby was the target of it. He was the victim, along with Oswald. They were both victims. 

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