Wednesday, January 18, 2017

This is very interesting by the Wizard:

"As I hinted in a previous email, I suspect that Fred Rheinstein and his crew were responsible for the Jackson photo 'lookalike' frame. It has the same stylistic and dramatic MO as the Bookhout clip: a sudden freeze and zoom-in. That would be Steve Alexander's camera."

"NBC is also the source of the suspicious 'Ruby' figure with the shadowed eyes and painted-on arms of sunglasses, standing near Blackie Harrison and Ike Pappas. I have no doubt that Fred was also responsible for the sudden edit, or blurred 'close-up' at that point in the NBC footage. As you pointed out on the blog, the 'Ruby' figure is almost as tall as Harrison, but after the edit his height is down to that of Ike Pappas at most (Note that he is beginning a downward lunge, so that's a complication). They had to have the edit - because, otherwise, the fake 'Ruby' would have had to morph and shrink into the real Bookhout, just as he makes his move past Ike Pappas, whereas in reality the "Ruby" "sunglasses" figure was faked in some way."

"In the Gary Mack hit piece, they try to claim that the blurred camera edit/close-up occurred because the cameraman wanted to get a better view (What, he knew there was about to be a shooting?), but this was just an attempt to explain away the sudden change in camera angle. They have, as I am sure I have said before, a compulsion to try to cover every single point, so things said in a hit piece can have value - you just have to read off the opposite as the truth."

"One more point about the Ruby/sunglasses figure: Ike Pappas had met Ruby on the Friday night, when Ruby had approached Henry Wade on his behalf, to get Wade over to do a telephone interview for KLIF, via Pappas, as Wade had promised earlier: Pappas was waiting in the phone booth with an open line to the station. Pappas saw Ruby talk to Wade, and Wade came over and duly did the interview. Ruby's name was even acknowledged on air. Ruby had also given Pappas a business card, invited him to the Carousel Club and mentioned "girls". However, despite this memorable encounter, neither "Ruby" or Pappas in the NBC footage seem to acknowledge or interact with each other."

"The 1978 "Ruby and Oswald" movie reenacted this incident. It also shows Ruby in his car "learning" from a radio broadcast that Oswald was a member of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee (a "plausible" explanation for his ability to explain this to Henry Wade). As a final insult, it shows Oswald asking for the black sweater. Leavelle says, just as they are about to leave: "Anything else you want?", and Oswald says: "Just the sweater" (which was conveniently lying there)."

RC: Good stuff there, Wiz. Everyone should realize that there was Ruby; there was Bookhout; and there was this other guy who was neither of them. 

I have him identified as Ruby only because that's the claim. But, it is ridiculous to think that the real Ruby was in the garage at the same time as Bookhout and witnessing the ruse. Whatever happened with Ruby had to happen prior to this. By this point in time, the real Ruby has been squirreled away in the PD, probably undergoing questioning, but mainly just to kill time. But, there can be no doubt that this taller man is not the same man who is going to bolt to Oswald in a few seconds. 

It's just not possible that they are the same man. 

The black sweater was meant to create as much contrast as possible between Oswald and Leavelle, but isn't it just like them to turn it into Oswald's idea? But listen: even with that, I just do not think they would have had a live round in Bookhout's gun. Would you? That is, if you were Leavelle, would you be willing to walk Oswald out knowing that the only thing between you and that live round was Oswald's skinny body? Things sometimes go wrong. Don't they? And don't we all know it? 

Again, I am reminded of the line from No Country For Old Men in which the Sheriff, played by Tommy Lee Jones, is trying to convince Llewelyn's wife that she really needs to cooperate with him because Lleweln doesn't have a chance against this Anton Chigurh. So, he tells the story of a farmer who was putting down a steer to butcher it, but he didn't have the bolt thruster positioned right, and he only wounded the animal, which went to berserk. "750 pounds of angry livestock" is how the Sheriff put it.  So, the farmer tried to finish the thing off with a gun, but he missed again, and the bullet ricocheted off something and came back and struck him in the shoulder. And therefore: "EVEN IN A CONTEST BETWEEN MAN AND STEER, THE OUTCOME IS FAR FROM CERTAIN." 

Great line! Gotta love it.  But in this case, I know very well that the Dallas PD was in on killing Oswald, and since FBI Agent James Bookhout was the designated shooter, the FBI was in on it as well. But, they were not going to take a chance and have Bookhout do the actual shooting. It was just for show. They weren't going to risk someone else getting hurt or killed, and they weren't going to risk Oswald not being fatally wounded. The real shooting of Oswald was done surgically- where they used a gun like a surgical instrument under controlled conditions. It happened in the P.D. immediately afterwards. 

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