Monday, January 23, 2017

So, here was Bob Jackson:

And here was Steve Alexander:

And they both caught very similar images of the Oswald shooting.

Now, my question is: what did Homer Vesco capture when they captured that?

Look at his pink area. It encompasses more than Jackson's or Alexander's. And his camera was running constantly, right? So, anything their cameras saw, his cameras should have seen. So, he must have captured that famous view in some form. Let's see if we can locate it.  First, this is what he captured immediately after the sound is heard. 

The shot was already heard, and I did a good job of stopping it in a small split-second. So, we're seeing that side approach.  "Ruby" shot Oswald in the side. Then, "Ruby" moves from the side of Oswald to more in front of him with his back to the camera.

Now, why did "Ruby" do that, swing around like that? He did it because he knew where the camera was, and he wanted to get his back to it. But, look at the look at on Leavelle's face. What does it remind you of?

That's about as close as we're going to get to the Jackson moment. 

How, in God's name, could Homer have captured such a narrow field in comparison to Jackson? Here's Jackson's field:

And here's Homer's:

Homer didn't even capture Graves, never mind Blackie and Fritz. 

Now, the next thing that happens in Homer's film is that Oswald goes back and up, and then he goes down, straight down, faster than a freight elevator at the TSBD. He moves like he's being vacuumed. What I'm reminded of is at the bank, if you're using the little satellite teller office outside, they have that suction tube where they put your checks and slips into the receptacle and send it, and it swooshes away. That's how fast Oswald goes straight down. But, it's not possible; he couldn't fall that fast. So they had to cut frames out in order to accelerate it.

Watch it yourself starting at 7 seconds:

But, let's go back to the frame that correlates to the Jackson photo.

Did Oswald have his left forearm slapped to this chest at that time? 

 If you accept the authenticity of it all, you would say so based on what you see in Jackson. But, forget about Jackson for a moment. Put it aside. Just look at what Homer shows by itself.

Now, obviously, "Ruby" is in the way, so we can't see what Oswald is doing. If he's got his forearm slapped to his chest, he has done it awfully fast, which seems unlikely in itself because, after all, he was shot, and Graves is securing his upper arm. . But, let's keep watching and try to find the first glimpse of Oswald as he re-emerges from behind "Ruby". Is there any sign or remnant of the forearm-slap visible?

I would say no, that there is no sign of Oswald's left forearm being slapped to his chest. So, that would mean that if he slapped his forearm to his chest. that he not only did it lightening fast after being shot, but he didn't keep it there, that he brought it down as fast as he put it there. But, why would he do that? If, theoretically, he brought his arm there to cover the site where he was shot, why wouldn't he leave it there? 

I would propose to you that he never did any such thing, that it didn't happen for Homer, nor did it happen for Jackson or Alexander. It makes no sense that Oswald would do it. It makes no sense that Oswald could do it. And we can see in the Jackson photo and the Alexander frame that it is fake and fabricated. It doesn't look like Oswald's hand, and it doesn't look like it could be anybody's hand. It is fake, fake, fake. 

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