Monday, January 16, 2017

The Oswald ambulance driver Michael Hardin testified to the WC, though his assistant did not.

First, he did say that he entered from the Main Street ramp. It seems very odd to me that he didn't leave through the Main Street ramp because he was going that direction, north, and he could have just turned left on Main and right on Hardin, and he would been in route. And, we know that people did go out the Main Street ramp because Rio "Sam" Pierce did it earlier in his police car. So, why didn't Hardin do that? He had a dying man in the car.

Mr. HARDIN. And I went around to the back of the ambulance, and my rider opened the back door and took the stretcher out, and went into the police or jail office, and we saw Oswald lying on the floor there, and several men around him, and we picked him up and put him on the stretcher and put him in the ambulance, and then there were two or three men, I don't remember now, got into the back of the ambulance, I believe.
Mr. HUBERT. Do you know who they were?
Mr. HARDIN. I believe they were police officers and I believe one of them was Leavelle. And then there was a doctor riding in the seat in the back, there, and then my assistant was in the front seat.

Note that this is a non-confirmation of Bieberdorf doing any cardiac massage on Oswald. Hardin did NOT say that upon reaching Oswald that the doctor was doing cardiac massage. The claim of Bieberdorf doing cardiac massage on Oswald in the jail office is clearly a lie.

Then, Hardin described the ridiculous, circular loop he made for no reason at all when a man was dying:

Mr. HARDIN. And we got him in the car, or ambulance, they drove the armored truck on out of the basement on the Commerce Street side, and we went out behind the truck. Of course, the truck was there when we left, and then went east on Commerce to the expressway, and north on the expressway to Elm and then west on Elm to Harwood and north on Harwood to Harry Hines, and north on Hines to Parkland.
Mr. HUBERT. And what happened when you got to Parkland?

What happened when you got to Parkland? WHAT HAPPENED IN THE AMBULANCE? That's the question. But, there is nothing about it. And I am taking it as a confirmation that there were NO resuscitative efforts made for Oswald in the jail office or in the ambulance. Nothing. It's all a lie. Every last bit of it. 

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