Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Claviger, from McAdams' forum, is now pegging Prayer Man as Oswald, just like the Prayermanites, however he's giving it a different spin. He's calling it "Oswald as he's leaving for home". 

Well, if you consider the story of that clip, Baker hasn't even reached the steps yet. He's running towards them, but he hasn't gotten there yet. So, this is less than 10 seconds after the last shot. So, how could Oswald be going home? He hasn't even had his encounter with Baker and Truly yet.

I really think it's wise to just reject the Prayer Man clip in its entirety. It's supposed to be from the Couch film, but we don't see it in the Couch film. Does that sound familiar? The Lovelady clip is supposed to be from the Martin film, but we don't see it in the Martin film. Who would be taking a scissor to these films? And the Prayer Man clip wasn't seen for the first time until JFK the movie came out in 1992. So, where was it for 29 years? And it makes no sense. That soon after the shooting we should see familiar figures, and we don't. Who are all these people? And why are they shuffling into the TSBD at this time? Safety and protection? To avoid more gunfire? No. I do not buy that. I do not accept it. There are so many red flags about the Prayer Man clip, that the best thing is to just reject it. 

So, who was Prayer Man? I would tell you: nobody. Seriously. Nobody. He is definitely not Oswald, but he's not anyone else either. This whole clip is an elaborate fraud. I'll say it again: this whole clip is an elaborate fraud. 

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