Wednesday, August 17, 2016

bigdog Jim Corbett

On Sunday, August 14, 2016 at 9:51:20 PM UTC-4, Ralph Cinque wrote: 
> I get it that lonenutters have to deny Oswald in the doorway but look how 
> shabbily they do it. They claim that nobody said that Oswald was in the 
> doorway. But, Oswald said it. He said that he was out with Bill Shelley in 
> front. How could he possibly know that Shelley was in the doorway during 
> the motorcade unless he was there himself? What's the alternative? And 
> besides Oswald, Carolyn Arnold, in her first statement to the FBI made on 
> November 26, 1963, said that shortly before the shooting she saw Oswald at 
> the doorway. So, that's two people. How many do you need? 

Lovelady said it was Lovelady. How many do YOU need? 

Ralph Cinque:

Lovelady had a heck of a hard time saying it was Lovelady. That's why he wasn't called in to testify to the HSCA. That's why he ran away and practically hid out in the state of Colorado. And he didn't start saying it was him until May 1964. In his April 1964 testimony with Joseph Ball, he never once said, "That's me" or "I am the Doorway Man" or "I am the man next to the column in the open shirt" or any other such thing. He and Ball talked around it. And after he drew his arrow, Ball couldn't even make a direct statement, such as, "Note that Mr. Lovelady drew his arrow to the same figure as Mr. Frazier- to the disputed figure in the doorway known as the Doorway Man." Why not? Because Lovelady didn't do that. He drew his arrow to another figure whom we call Black Hole Man.

And twice, in 1964 and in 1976, Lovelady testified, to authority, that he NEVER saw Oswald again that day after they broke for lunch. So, what about his close encounter with Oswald in the squad room of the homicide detectives? Did he forget all about that? No way! That's impossible. He couldn't possibly forget. No one could. It never happened! Fake, fake, fake. 

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