Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I am very pleased that the photo expert C.Gail Willis has become the newest senior member of the Oswald Innocence Campaign.

I'm sure this comes as no surprise to anyone since she made a video vouching for Oswald in the doorway based on her own photo analysis. That video can be seen on Facebook at this address:

I am very grateful to her, and I think it has great importance. But, let's be clear: even without anybody's photo analysis, and even without taking measurements, the broad visual comparison of these two photos tells us that they are the same man, and we know that from common experience.

When I say "common experience" I mean that we are all used to looking at people, and seeing people together, including sometimes crowds of people at a time, and we know how distinctive each person is. We also know that the world of clothes is so vast, that the likelihood of two men being dressed exactly the same is also remote. So, for two unrelated men to look this much alike and be dressed this much alike defies our common experience- and I mean to the point that it simply NEVER happens. 

And just think, if Oswald and Lovelady looked this much alike:

 it would have been noticed and talked about long before 11/22/63. It would have been a marvel, a wonder, a fluke of Nature that everyone who worked there was aware of. But, the fact is that Oswald and Lovelady did NOT look that much alike; rather, there was a lot of contrast between them. 

How could they look so different in other pictures but look so much alike here?

So, it doesn't make sense. Above, that is NOT two different men. It is the same man, wearing the same clothes. That explains the likeness- not a fluke of Nature. 

But, we are extremely fortunate to have Ms. Willis in our ranks. Note that she is the daughter of Officer Fred Philmon Spainhouer, who was a photographic intelligence officer in the US Navy.

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