Friday, August 12, 2016

bigdog Jim Corbett (really just a little dog) 
1:35 PM (53 minutes ago)
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Ralph, your tsunami could wash away a sandcastle.

Could the judge in the mock trial declare a mistrial if the jury breaks
out laughing when the defense team tries to tell them that's Oswald in the

Ralph Cinque:

The defense team isn't just going to tell the jury that Oswald was in the doorway; they are going to show them images which clearly show a match between both the man and the clothing, which clinches it. They are also going to show them the Fritz Notes in which Oswald said that he was out with Bill Shelley in front. And I'll give you a heads-up: we also have a living witness who knew Oswald extremely well who is going to testify that that is Oswald in the picture, including recognition of his clothing. This will be a direct rebuttal witness to Buell Frazier, whom I'm sure the prosecution will bring in. You think the jury is going to be laughing? If that's what you want to think, knock yourself out. 

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