Friday, August 12, 2016

I don't think it's possible that all the people who are fighting me are stupid enough not to realize it was Oswald in the doorway. 
Sure, some of them are that stupid, but I don't doubt that there are plenty who know full-well that it was Oswald, but they just don't care. They are willfully, mindfully, knowingly fighting it either because they are being paid to fight it, OR because they think it is their duty as a loyal American to fight it.  

And, let's take it to the top, say to President Obama. If somebody sat him down and showed him the many images and collages, the Fritz Notes, Larry Rivera's brilliant overlay, the recent stunning work of Chana Willis, and the other things we have which prove Oswald in the doorway, what would he do? Even if he was fully convinced, fully aware now that Oswald was innocent, would he be willing to go public with it? I doubt it. I think, most likely, he would think and say, that there would be greater "public good" in continuing to perpetuate the official myth, preserving the status quo, because the truth would be too disturbing, too upsetting, and too unpredictable. In a word, they would consider it DANGEROUS for the truth to get out. I think a lot of them would feel that way, including Hillary Clinton. 

And, I suspect that that was the very attitude of the people stood top the HSCA. Just look what they came up with, what they settled on: that Oswald did it, just like the Warren Commission said he did, but, there may have been another shooter who shot at Kennedy and missed but then got clean away like a fart in a high wind. The implausibility of that story was so great that, even though, on paper, they called for a new criminal investigation, there wasn't one. Not the Justice Department, not the state of Texas, and not the city or country of Dallas, nobody in law enforcement anywhere lifted a finger to act on the HSCA's advice. The President of the United States at the time was Jimmy Carter, a Democrat, of the same party as JFK, and a man who most certainly had no involvement in the JFK's killing, and yet, even Jimmy Carter did nothing, ordered nothing, directed nothing to happen in response to the HSCA Final Report.  

Just think about it: a Congressional Committee spends 3 years investigating a heinous crime, during which a torrent of witnesses, including 6 FBI agents, succumb in violent, unsettling, suspicious deaths, and yet, law enforcement, from federal to local, does nothing? Absolutely nothing?

Any more, it isn't just a matter of asking what the truth is about the JFK assassination. It's a matter of asking whether people really want to know the truth. And the answer to that question, for many people, especially those high in government and the corporate world, is NO. They don't want to know the truth, and they don't want the public to know the truth. And that's especially true at the top. Barrack Obama doesn't want to know that JFK was murdered by Allen Dulles and Lyndon Johnson. Secretary of State John Kerry doesn't want to know it. And, neither does Hillary Clinton. 

The truth is that the truth about the JFK assassination is so ugly, so monstrous, and really so nightmarish, that it's uncertain whether the credibility of the government and the media could survive. It could very well cause a crisis of confidence the likes of which has never been seen before in this country. It would be as unprecedented as the candidacy of Donald Trump. Therefore, the attitude that "the people are better off not knowing" would probably prevail. Huh. It would definitely prevail.

The people in power would not accept the truth about the JFK assassination no matter how compelling it was. They would, rhetorically speaking, shut their eyes and put their hands over their ears. And, it's because they would rather have the "system" than the truth. 

But, getting back to the people who are fighting me, and for some, it is their job to fight me, the fact is that the truth is out there. The genie, as they say, is out of the bottle, and there is no getting her back in. The OIC website is under constant 24 hour surveillance. But, even without that, the evidence is widespread; the images are all over the net; and they are never going to disappear. "Oswald in the doorway" is never going to fall asleep again. It is never going to settle into the stupor that it was in for several decades. When the Fritz Notes, including "out with Bill Shelley in front" were discovered in 1996 the dye was cast. That was when the iceberg hit the Titanic. Whether the leaders like it or not, the official story of the JFK assassination is going to collapse, and Oswald in the doorway is going to take over; it is going to replace it. We are on the threshold of seeing a state lie, and one of the biggest and most egregious and ugly state lies ever told, collapse of its own dead weight.  That it is going to collapse is absolutely certain; it already has! It's just the control the government has over the media in this fascist system of ours that breathes any life at all in the official story.  But, the truth is bigger and stronger and more pervasive than they are. It doesn't matter how many Ops they have. It doesn't matter how many tanks or how many FEMA camps they have. The truth about the murder of John F. Kennedy is going to win the day. But, what the world that follows its revelation is going to look like, I just don't know. 

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